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scalator wants you! (to submit a talk)

scalator wants you!

We welcome two kinds of talk proposals.

  1. Primary: A meetup will usually have two primary talks or one primary and several community talks. Talks that take over 30 minutes are generally considered a primary.

  2. Community: Community talks are a great way for you to give back to the local Scala community. They can be 5 to 15 minutes and there will be some time for questions at the end. For example:

    • A success (or failure) of using Scala.
    • A library you’ve created or used that you want to showcase.
    • Elaboration of a Scala language feature.

We want to keep the options for talks as open as possible. Don’t be shy and share your unique idea to use this time with us. If you've never given a talk before we recommend doing a community talk first. This is a low commitment stepping stone for you to try your hand at public speaking about technology!

There are only a few rules on content

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Past Talks at Scala Toronto

GraphQL with Sangria and Property Driven Tests - 12/03/15 - Paytm Labs

Fighting Fraud with Reactive Systems built on Akka, Cassandra, and Spray - 08/20/15 - Paytm Labs

The PagerDuty Scala Special - 05/27/15 - Paytm Labs

Distributed Scala: Easy Scalability with Akka and Spark in Action - 03/25/15 - 500px/PagerDuty

Microservice framework: Colossus and numeric library: Spire - 01/15/15 - InMoment

Scala Days redux - 07/23/14 - Empathica

Knowledge sharing talks on Scala macros, validation and caching and more - 04/17/14 - Nurun

An introduction to Scala Play followed by a roundtable - 09/19/13 - Empathica