Scalator night school
The more the merrier! Come and be a part!

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  1. 5 reasons why Scala. Which one is your favorite?
  2. Let's talk about why learning another syntax (sigh) is sometimes justified. Listen to our reasons and share yours aka why you're here.

  3. How Scala syntax makes you stronger? (survival is assumed ...)
  4. Let's present the fundamentals (not basics) of Scala syntax - the things that recruited us as many others to be part of the functional (programming) movement.

  5. Java: anything that a while-loop can do, can also be done in a for-loop! Scala: who cares?
  6. Let's explore Scala collections: for fun and profit. It is so rich that we won't be able to cover it all in one session, but we can make you crave for more!

  7. Scala Pattern Matching: you have to see to believe!
  8. Warm up questions: Can 'switch' statement be applied to strings in Java? How about C++?

    It was easy? Good! How about that one: how can one use 'if' and stay immutable?

    The last but not the least: why those questions were relevant to the topic mentioned?

  9. Checking for null and throwing exceptions - it's so 90's ;)
  10. If every time writing if(null == ...) you thought there must be a better way, you were right! Let's talk how Scala avoids nulls and treats exceptions and why it is safer than checking nulls everywhere.